I met with a client today to go over the details for her 90th birthday party. She shared many stories of her husband who passed away in a few months ago. She spoke about her step son who is 65 years old, a former Marine who is paralyzed on his left side and she cares for him. She blew me away when she told me she just finished painting the outside of the back of her house and spent all morning painting the other side. She showed me a ceramic vase with silk flowers that her daughter sent her over 30 years ago that she proudly displays on her dining room table and her teapot collection. She shared a story about her great grandmother’s teapot that she recently pulled down from its display pedestal to use for the very first time and it was accidentally damaged. Her heart broke as she told me about it and well mine did too.

After a quick tour of the living room to show me her son’s art work and her late Husband’s love of equestrian paintings, we sat down and went over the details for her event.

Budget –

CLIENT: I need to keep my guest list down to afford to pay for my party. I’m turning 90 and want a nice lunch and dancing.

ME: Do not worry. We will make it all work within your budget.

Luncheon –

CLIENT: – Lots of People with Gluten Issues

ME: Not a problem. We can keep the menu completely gluten free for you.

Decorations –

CLIENT: I’m going to Dollar Store to buy some table cloths and things.

ME: NOOOOO, this is your 90th birthday! We will include linen table cloths for you at no charge.

Cake –

CLIENT: I am going to order a sheet cake from Sam’s Club. I am allergic to chocolate!

ME: NOOOOO, this is your 90th birthday! We will include a custom vanilla cake for you at no charge.

Color Inspiration –

ME: Tell me some things that you love besides tea pots. What is your favorite color?

CLIENT: Blue…Every time I wear a blue dress I get so many compliments.

ME: Wonderful! That is all I really need to make your 90th birthday one for you and your guests to remember.

I left her home with the promise to be back tomorrow with a print out of everything we discussed and a box with a 5-time bubble wrapped tea set given to her by her great grandmother so that I can have it fixed for her.

A few things that brought me to write such a long post…First, this is my first in-Home Consult of the year. Most of my clients these days come to me in my workshop and kitchen or we meet at a venue. Second, this is my first in Home Consult because most of my business is done via Phone and email and text messaging. I rarely have an opportunity to sit in front of a client. This particular client is almost 90 and doesn’t have a computer or know what a text message is. Third, March is special to me. It is the month I lost my father and watching this client speak of her late husband and of her tea pots and memories made me think of him, which made me smile…And finally, Blue is my favorite color and I love tea pots…Gloria get ready for an incredible birthday celebration. I so look forward to giving you an amazing event and thank you for your trust in me with Grandma’s tea pot!