So, I may have an obsession with furniture I find at the Thrift Store or on the side of the street. It all started with an old piece I found at Goodwill. That was transformed from an ugly 80’s looking cabinet into a bright vibrant turquoise piece that shares a place in my family room with some other finds including my tv stand and my coffee table made out of an old pallet crate that I found on the side of the street. At one point in my life, as many of you can relate, I was IKEA obsessed. However, after having children and having to move furniture around and their not so delicate hands, you realize that you get what you pay for and consider it somewhat disposable or transition furniture. I’m still a huge fan of IKEA, but not so much for furniture anymore as I find pieces made out of solid wood that just need some love.

Being a caterer and needing unique pieces for staging events and parties, I find myself drawn to Thrift Stores and Goodwill. I use old fashion china cabinets, desks and shelves to create masterpieces for my clients. Old cabinets are usually given a fresh coat of paint and distressed to match decor of the event. The once bland glass shelves are replaced with reclaimed wood to warm up the piece and doors are removed to create an open shelving unit filled with delicate pastries and goodies. I recently removed the backing to create a double sided “bakery” display that was one of a kind, original and extremely unique.